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Erin and her dog, Strider

Stark County's Canine fear & aggression expert

Positive Reinforcement Dog Training for a Life Full of Pawtential

Through private, in-home training, I'll make sure you and your dog are prepared for every adventure, whether that's Summers on the lake or movie nights on the couch.

Some of my clients participate in dog sports, go on hikes and enjoy hanging out at the local breweries and wineries. Others just want their dog to stop barking at every dog and person they see. Whatever your dreams are, I'd love to help you achieve them!

Dog Training Services

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Fearful Dogs

Dogs can be fearful for many reasons. Whether they had a bad experience or just lack confidence, I can help your dog feel comfortable in and out of the home.

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Aggressive Dogs

Some dogs have more bark than bite. Others have a lot more bite. Regardless of the cause, I'm here to help you and your dog both feel safe.

Dalmatian relaxing at a winery


Puppies are cute but a lot of work! Get started on the right paw with private training or day training.

For puppies 8-14 weeks old.

I only take 2 puppy clients at a time, so I recommend booking training before puppy comes home.

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Dog Pro Workshops

Do you work with dogs and worry about keeping your team safe? Sign up for a workshop to learn safe canine handling practices and how to read canine body language to prevent bites in your workplace.

Ready to start training?

All new clients start with a 6-session training package for $950

Training packages include:
Your initial consultation & assessment

5 follow-up sessions

Emailed individualized homework instructions

Email support between sessions

Unlimited video review

In-person in-home training for clients within 30 minutes of NE Canton, Ohio

Virtual training via Zoom for clients anywhere in the US

*Local clients may be required to start training via Zoom if dogs are human fearful or aggressive. This is determined on a case-by-case basis.

Online Course:

Resolving Car Anxiety in 5 Minutes a Day

Is your dog stressed out riding in the car or refusing to get in the car? Do you wish you could take them places but getting there is a struggle? This course is for you! In just 5 minutes a day you can help your dog overcome their stress in the car!

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This Course Includes:

  • Lifelong access to the course and training plan, including alternative steps when you are stuck.

  • Two months of access to the exclusive member community.

  • Unlimited Q&A and video review from me via the community.

  • Recommendations for dog gear to safely travel in the car and what treats to use while training

  • After 2 months, you can remain in the community for $30/month. Many of you will finish your training in 2 months, but some of your dogs may require additional time. That's okay! I'm here to help you, no matter how long it takes.

Only $60!

Great experience with Erin! Patient and kind and trustworthy. Knowledgeable trainer who could work with our crazy schedule and high energy labradoodle. Highly recommend!

Samantha B. + dewey

Everyone is always asking how we trained Eggsy so well. I say we didn't, Erin did! He used to be afraid of dogs and people. We now walk him completely off leash in the neighborhood, on trails and at the brewery.

Roy + eggsy

Erin is very friendly and caring! She answers any questions I may have. She is very knowledgeable and gives different alternatives to help make a perfect fit to get your desired training outcome. She responds in a timely manner and is the first person I think to contact when I need help with my dog.

syhann T. + loki


What methods do you use while training?

I use reward-based training with the aim to be force-free, fear-free and improve dog welfare. I primarily use food in training, but will use toys and environmental reinforcers for certain training exercises if appropriate for that dog. I do not use any "training collars" or techniques that utilize pain, fear or coercion to control dogs.

My dog is barking and lunging on leash aka reactive. Can you help?

Yes! Dogs that bark and lunge are one of my specialties!

My dog is fearful, but not aggressive. Can you help us?

Yes! I love working with shy, nervous and fearful dogs! I can help with generalized/global fears and fears in specific situations such as at the vet, groomer, fear of other dogs or specific humans, etc.

My dog is attacking my other dog, can you help?

Yes! I'm very knowledgeable in dog-dog issues.

How can you train my dog if they won't let people in the house?

I'll use an incremental training plan so that your dog is comfortable throughout our training journey. In some cases we will start training online via Zoom.

My dog is not fearful or aggressive, but needs to learn to behave. Would you work with us?

I am currently only taking fear and aggression cases. If you need basic obedience training or are struggling with a high energy dog, please email me with your address and I will refer you to a trainer I trust who can help.

Do you train puppies?

I only work with puppies displaying fear or aggression. If you have a happy, social puppy please email me with your address and I'll recommend another trainer I trust.

Do you do board and train?

No. Please reach out to Amy Hunt at MBR Farm, Jennifer Topalian at The Grateful Dog or Stacy Totten at Meadow Run.